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Japanese and Hot Springs

image: yukomasou Japan is an island of volcanoes, with some being inactive, and many others being active. Hokkaido also has its share of active volcanoes. Hot springs have a close tie to volcanic activity. When heated water from below rises to the surface, hot springs are formed. The hot springs contain various types of minerals, depending on the varying water temperature, caused by the underground magma.

image: fukiageroten It is believed, that long ago, both men and animals entered into hot springs freely. As a result, man learned that minerals from the hot springs were good for the body, from long periods of time spent bathing in them. Thus, "Touji" became known as a hot spring cure, in Japan.

So please come relax and refresh in one of Hokkaido's hot springs, while taking in the beautiful scenery.

The Four seasons of Hokkaido

mapHokkaido is located from 42° to 46° north latitude, making it a place where the changes between seasons, is always apparent. It is said that people who enter hot springs during the period when snow melts and new greenery starts appearing, will gain hope.

Also, people entering hot springs during summer, while being surrounded by nature, will get a sense of being melted away. People entering hot springs in autumn, during the autumnal change of leaves, will help clear the mind. One will also feel much happiness from entering hot springs during a beautiful winter snowfall.

So please take the time to experience the four seasons, while relaxing in one of the many hot springs, Hokkaido has to offer.

2008年7月 北海道洞爺湖サミット

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浅田次郎が書く 黒鉄ヒロシが描く 立川談志が咄す「新選組 永倉新八のひ孫がつくった本」そして隊士の子孫、ファンが語る永倉新八にまつわるエピソード

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